“Do not forsake [wisdom] and she will keep you, love her and she will guard you.”  Proverbs 4:6

Hello Friend!

As I launch this weekly blog containing what I hope will be super-helpful insights on biblical wisdom, I wanted to let you know what to expect:

 1.  These posts will be brief.

Life is short with many meaningful things we should be doing each day to build our homes, families and spiritual legacies.  I’m terrified of spending too many precious minutes of life in front of a screen, so I certainly won’t keep you here longer than necessary.  I will not abide by any pre-set word count that I’m told the perfect blog should be.

My goal is to unearth the gems of God’s wisdom and shine ’em up so you can peer through them and quickly get on with living your day in light of the glorious perspectives they give.  A while back, when working on a manuscript, I bemoaned to my hubby that my editor instructed me to say more with less words.  My darling guy suggested that perhaps I try that in real life.

Right.  Brief is good.

2.  These posts will be practical.

They won’t be devastatingly beautiful & poetic.  I love that brilliant women can write and inspire that way, but I’d have to try way too hard to pull that off and it’s just not me.  These posts won’t be edgy, political or controversial.  Those have their place, but those are not the convictions God has etched on my soul.

I love that God’s Word can train us in the skill of applying the right insights at the right time in the right way to produce beautiful outcomes.  It is the intersection of wisdom and the everyday that gets this Proverbs junkie excited, and is one more thing that shows God for how great He is.  So that’s what I’ll share with you because that’s what comes from a place that is passionate & real.

3.  These principles will guard your life.

This blog has been designed around a prominent theme of my life: that of being kept from great harm and kept for great delight by God’s perfect wisdom. I’m not saying that living by God’s wisdom will keep us from ALL harm.  God in His sovereignty may allow difficult things to enter our lives that are ultimately for our good and His glory.

However, hear me in this:  There is a whole other breed of self-inflicted harm that the Bible teaches we do not need to experience and there is a heaping pile of delight most certainly calling our names when we will love wisdom enough to pursue it.

All in favor… subscribe!



  1. Debbie Hartwell

    Yay! How exciting Janet!

  2. Debby Cropas

    Thanks Janet! Looking forward to this!

  3. Heather Bock

    I can’t say how excited I am to read your blog posts!! I can’t wait to read more!

  4. Mary Beth Yahn

    Thanks for sharing what God lays on your heart. Excited to see where He takes you!

  5. Rachel

    Ever since the CRC retreat I’ve been looking forward to hearing more from you! Thanks!


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