What to expect…

The Bible is God’s inspired Word for us revealing his character, his rescue of humanity and our fitting response to his merciful salvation. As such, it is not to be casually wielded to entertain or bookend our stories and opinions.

For me, teaching God’s word is equal parts incredible privilege and sobering responsibility. As a result, I endeavour to study carefully so that I say no more or no less than the biblical text and I aim to engage women in a compelling way that provides clarity, increases biblical literacy, and affects meaningful application.

If this style of teaching resonates with your ministry and mission, I would be delighted to hear from you!


Victory Baptist Church
Newmarket, ON
January 28, 2023

New City Church
Hamilton, ON
February 11, 2023

Southshore Bible Church
Barrie, ON
March 25, 2023

Woodside Bible Chapel
Elmira, ON
April 1, 2023

Stories in the Square
Meridian Place | Barrie, ON
September 23, 2023

Where I’ve been…

Radiant Conference, Oakville | People’s Church, Sarnia | North American Baptist Association Ladies Retreat, Mississauga | Emmanuel Bible Church Ladies Retreat, Simcoe |  Heritage Bible Chapel, Princeton | Ottawa Valley Association Ladies Retreat, Ottawa | Springvale Baptist Church, Stouffville | Charles River Church Ladies Retreat, Boston | Heidleberg Bible Fellowship, Heidelberg | Rossland Ridge Bible Chapel, Ajax | Calvary Baptist Church, Pembroke | Rexdale Alliance Church, Rexdale | Fenlon Falls Baptist Church, Fenlon Falls | Northwest Women of Grace, Thunder Bay | Richmond Hill Baptist Church, Richmond Hill | Bridlegrove Bible Chapel, Scarborough | Graphite Bible Camp, Bancroft | Emmanuel Baptist Church, Exeter | Unionville Women’s Coffee Hour, Markham | Hillside Bible Chapel, Orillia | FEB Central Ladies Retreat, Montreal | Blossom Conference, Stayner | Bramalea Baptist Church Ladies Retreat, Niagara Falls | Calvary Pentecostal Church, Cambridge | Coburg Alliance Church, Coburg | Hartford Baptist Church, Hartford | Portico Community Church, Mississauga | Bloomington Gospel Church, Stouffville | The Mill Christian Fellowship, Mississauga | Calvary Baptist Church, Oshawa | SBC Flourish Conference, Barrie | First Christian Reformed Church, Barrie | Cornerstone Baptist Church, Orillia | Ajax Baptist Church, Ajax | TGC Canada National Women’s Conference, Oakville |  The Rock Community Church, Woodstock | Victory Baptist Church, Newmarket | New City Church, Hamilton | Woodside Bible Chapel, Elmira