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The Prince & The Gift


The Prince is coming in three days to choose as his bride, the maiden with the greatest gift. As the young ladies seek to capture his attention, they overlook what is most important. When the maidens offer their gifts, which one will the noble prince choose?

In a culture where young people are bombarded with the message that their physical beauty determines their value, the message of The Prince & The Gift is refreshing and timely!

Using vivid imagery, this endearing tale masterfully celebrates the treasure of virtuous character while exposing the emptiness of external beauty. Parents will reach for this story again and again!

What People are Saying…

In this mixed-up world, appearance may seem to trump virtue, but not in this book! May the young people who read be transformed into similar lovers of truth and goodness over outward adornment.
Jennie Bishop, Author of The Princess and the Kiss
As the father of three little ones… it was a joy to read Janet’s delightfully crafted children’s story. To a superficial culture that bombards our impressionable children with the notion that appearance is everything and has forgotten the meaning of virtue, The Prince and The Gift is a welcome antidote.

Magical and colorful, imaginative yet instructive, this story of the value of virtue reinforces the things that matter and is a welcome addition to our bedtime story library!
Rev. Joe Boot, Author of Why I Still Believe
Founder of Ezra Institute for Contemporary Christianity
I love this book. I would love this book even if Janet Surette wasn’t one of the most genuine and joyful women I have ever met. I would love this book even if I didn’t have daughters. Everything about The Prince and the Gift speaks to what I want my girls to know in this looks-obsessed culture. True beauty comes from within. Janet has written Truth, and nothing is more beautiful than Truth. Have I mentioned that I love this book?!?
Hannah C. Hall, Author of the God Bless series