Follow The Star (Scavenger Hunt for Kiddos…)

Follow The Star (Scavenger Hunt for Kiddos…)

Merry Christmas!  For those of you with younger children, I wanted to share a little “Follow the Star” Scavenger Hunt I did when my girls were younger.  (Can you tell who’s preparing a Sunday School lesson for tomorrow morning…)  Employing some clip art, envelopes, and a box with some treasures, you can easily set up this scavenger hunt in your house.  It was always a favourite in ours.  Enjoy!


As you start on your journey and follow the star,

You’ll need lots of food to get you that far.

Pack your bags well, or for food you’ll be itchin’.

You’d better get started, so start in the (kitchen).


To go all that way, you should ride on a mammal.

To go through the deserts, the wise choice is camel.

They don’t need much water.  They walk very far.

You can go get your camels where we keep the (car) .


The star God provided will help light our way.

We’ll follow it day after night after day.

Look through the night sky and look up real far.

You’ll find your next clue on our Christmas tree (star) .


We have been travelling for many long weeks.

Our bodies are tired.  Our bones sometimes creak.

We’d love a soft place to lay down our heads.

Find your next clue on a soft, cozy (bed).


On our long journey, we encounter some dangers.

There’s animals, snakes, bugs and unfriendly strangers.

We keep at the ready, our shield and our sword.

To find your next clue, go and check the front (door) .


We’ve travelled through wilderness and deserts long.

Our camels are tired, their thirst growing strong.

To give them some rest and a much needed drink,

Find them some water in your bathroom (sink) .


The star God provided has led to the place,

Where we come to worship and see Jesus’ face!

We’re joyful, we’re thankful, we’re on bended knee,

To share in some treasure, look under our (tree) !


Merry Christmas friends!

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